21 November 2010

Doctor Appointment, High Blood Pressure and Banned Medication! Holy Crap!

  O.K. Where do I begin? I finally went to my regular M.D. Doctor M. He's so nice to me, but it is a bit rushed at times and we never get in sync with the medications but as I get to know him better and he know me, it will straighten out. He said. "He hated seeing me like this. So much pain walking.
I told him about my blog that I try to insert some humor into my tales of dead ends, grumpy doctors, pukey medications and more troubles than one person should have to deal with.
 My blood pressure was 185 top number. He is troubled by this. He gave me an added blood pressure medicine to take with my usual and I haven't taken it yet. I am so afraid of taking a drug I know nothing about.  He also put me on a seizure medicine that also acts to ease nerve pain. The nerve pain was a tiny bit better today. Well now if I had my pain medication I would be a lot better. The doctor ordered it for me on Friday and guess what??? The FDA banned Darvocet and Darvon on Friday. My prescription went from being in the bin waiting for me, to taken off my online pharmacy account.  There's not even a trace anymore that this drug was ever in my file which is kind of shady to me they deleted all that info.
  So I have been resting all weekend, sort of. But the pain is very bothersome, especially today - Sunday. I won't go into detail.
 Can you believe the bizarre things that happen to me? My MRI still has not been read, I have it. I looked at the MRI myself and it's pretty creepy looking. It came with a CD too which is kind of awesome except for the fact, it's yourself - inside of yourself you are looking at. Eek!  So do I go back to regular doctor and ask for different pain medication or wait till 30th in pain and go to pain doctor and get medication? The Co Pay for the Pain Doctor is very high, so I will have to weigh all my options first.
  I think the blue moon is tonight. I need to unload all the photo's in my camera and take some night photo's later..
  I used to love to sit outside and look at the stars and all of nature, When you're young and staring at the sky, you are probably wondering what the future holds.  Now I wonder how much of a future I have left.