18 June 2011

Hair Dye and No Water makes a very messy situation

 I have been neglecting my blog so it's time to get back at it!! About two weeks ago I was finally ready to dye my hair. I have been dying my hair since I was in my late 20's. The older I get, the longer a period of time I wait to dye it. It had been about three months since I dyed it and I was looking too old for my taste. Some people look good with gray hair but not me. It's only gray right in the front part of my hair and I just hate it.
 I got everything ready. I had the hair dye, the towels, the plastic gloves and the mirror all ready to go. So I mixed the solution and poured it all over my head. I had the plastic gloves on so I made sure I worked it into all of my hair hoping it would turn out like it should. I sat there the usual 20-25 minutes and finally it's time to rinse it out. But there was one thing missing I did not know about. The water!! The apartment management turned off the water so the plumbers could repair some pipes. No warning - nothing. We have a lot of trouble with the water pipes here and they are usually very good at informing us. But not this time!!
 Panic set in. I was standing there totally nude (I do that so I don't stain my clothes.) and I have a blob of hair dye in my hair, it's starting to get dry and I started imagining my hair falling out because I couldn't wash the dye out. I started searching for water everywhere. I had about two cups of bottled water left and that was it except I keep 4 bowls of water all over the apartment for the cats and it looked like I would have to use that. I had not cleaned and changed the water bowls yet that day so there were some pieces of cat food floating in a couple of them. I had no choice. I had to use it.
 I used the last of the bottled water and then one by one I used the cat's water. Yuk!! It was so cold and icky pouring that water on my head. I used all the liquid I had and then I had to use a towel to wrap around my head so the hair dye still left wouldn't drip everywhere. That was my intention anyway with wrapping the towel around my head. I got hair dye on the floor, a pillow, my blanket and of course the towel around my head was ruined for sure. I was so furious!! Goofy things always happen to me. I was a real mess. I was standing there nude with black streaks running down my neck, a towel on my head and a lot of black streaks on the kitchen counter and the floor! Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I started laughing. What a mess I had made!! My cats were looking up at me like I was a crazy lady and I guess I did look like one at that moment. There wasn't anything else I could do. Even if I put clothes on and went to my neighbor's it wouldn't do any good because no one else had water either.
 I thought for sure I'd lose my hair. I was trying to grin and bear it and then I remembered something that might be the solution. On the patio I had two gallon jugs filled with water for my plants. Hooray!! I wrapped a towel around me and reached out and got the two bottles. Finally I had enough water to rinse the dye out. It's a good thing too because it was two hours before it was turned back on.
 When things like this happen I try to see the funny side of the situation.  I think this comes with age. If that had happened to me when I was younger I wouldn't have handled it so well. I think I mellow more each passing year. There are some good things that come with getting older. I just have to learn and appreciate it more.