29 December 2010

Rockstar Friends Are Just the Best

 In 2005 the show Rock Star was on television.  The first season was with INXS and J.D.Fortune was chosen to join the band.
 In 2006 the show returned and Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted were looking for a singer for a newly formed band called Rock Star Supernova.  Lukas Rossi from Toronto Canada was the winner.
 During the Supernova year, I searched for a place to talk about rock music and I found one. Many people were already there, to support Lukas Rossi.  We had voting marathons and everyone was determined to give Lukas Rossi the job with the band.  Lukas was mesmerizing. I picked him and Toby Rand as the ones that were far above the rest. Turns out Lukas and Toby were roommates and became very good friends.
 It was a great show. I met and bonded with so many people. As time went on there were arguments and personality conflicts, and some of us became separated by personal feelings.
 There was a group of people who tried to prevent anyone including Lukas from being happy. It got pretty bitter. They even had a hateful blog and they tortured many people but mostly Lukas and Kendra.
 I stepped away for awhile because I could not deal with some of the drama and hate that was going on.
 But there were people, like me who made friends for life. Those friendships mean the world to me. I don't have a lot of family, so friends are the family I choose.
 Just this morning I was exchanging silly comments on FB with one of those friends, Marcia. She is one funny chick. During really rough times I bonded with Richelle another Lukas fan and we spent many nights talking and her friendship really helped me. There are newer friends I still meet that are Lukas fans, like Stacy and Stephanie. There are other Lukas fans that call themselves Lukatics and the Rossi Posse and that included Corinne, Sandra, Melinda, Lady Karelle, Toby and so many others. Sometimes I sort of adopt some of them, like Nikki P. and Summer.
 There are even guy Lukas fans that I have gotten to know, like Adam, Chris T., and Donovan T. So many types of people. This is a tribute to Lukas Rossi. He has made young and old come together to enjoy his music and all music.
 During 2007 Lukas and Supernova toured and the majority of us were lucky enough to have gone to one of those concerts. Lukas continues to tour with his new band Stars Down and as a solo artist. He is married to his love Kendra. I am sure there will be some little Rossi's close down the road.
 This story ends well.  Lukas is doing fantastic now and he and Kendra are very happy. As far as the evil doers go, they finally took their hateful blog down and finally some of us had some peace. Happy New Year friends!!!