24 June 2012

Lady J. and Rev. Scarekrowe introduce "Howling Dollhouse."

When I was 13 years old,  I went to my first concert. I was so happy to be going to this concert  because the band playing that night was, "The Beatles." My ticket was only $5.00 and it was a night that I will never forget.  Before the Beatles came along, music was not even on my radar, but after the concert, I was ready to Rock N' Roll."  As you've probably figured out, I am a little older than most of the concert goers by today's standard. I have seen some great bands in my lifetime and I am not done yet. Just to name a few of the bands I have seen, here goes: Led Zeppelin, Santana, Moody Blues, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Crosby-Stills-Nash and Young, The Animals, Eric Clapton, Traffic, The Eagles, Richie Havens, Poison, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God, Juke Kartel, Supernova featuring Lukas Rossi,  Dilana with Magni, Dave Navarro, Motley Crue, Tommy Lee - and the list goes on and on. At this time in my life I write part time  for a commercial free Internet Radio Site, called Freedom United Radio and I write under the alias  Lady J.. (Find them at . ) They play fantastic the Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop and Electronic genre. My friend Rev. Scarekrowe, (I call him SK and we met online)  is part owner of this radio site, and he asked me to critique a band called "Howling Dollhouse." After seeing so many bands and more, I feel like I am qualified to critique a band and hopefully do a good job. My friend SK is a tattoo artist and disk jockey, just to name a couple of his qualifications among many. SK is young and sports many tattoos. Now me, I am small in height and medium in weight and sometimes I have to use a cane to walk due to degenerative disease and 5 chronic pain conditions. I look like a sweet little older lady (ha!)and I don't have tattoos. LOL. If  you saw us both walking  together, you'd think - hmmm, now that is odd, what do those two have in common? But our differences is what makes a good  friendship even better! One of the things about us that we have in common,  is the fact that we love music and we want all of you to enjoy it too. SK and I are the perfect example of  Don't judge a book by it's cover.. So take our advice and check out this young and extremely talented band. It doesn't matter if you are young, old, rich or poor - good music is for everyone. 

Introducing: Howling Dollhouse:

Howling Dollhouse is a 5 piece band from Australia that really knows how to rock!! The band consists of Azazel on the skins, Benjammin' on the 6-string, Lee on the low 5-strings, Andy on keyboard and Trick Q. on vocals. Other than being talented, this band is definitely eye candy for the females and who doesn't like that?
Howling Dollhouse started their journey under the moniker ‘Into the Night’ in March, 2005. In 2007 they released their first 6-track EP titled ‘The Art of Honesty’, which served to classify the bands overall style. However, by the time the band released their first self-titled album in 2009, their sound was significantly different. The addition of Andy on keys opened the band up to new possibilities and by now the band was starting to feel more comfortable with their place in the music world. Their second album was mixed by Sylvia Massy (Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M.) and Rich Veltrop (System of a Down, Tom Petty) at Radiostar Studios in California and mastered at Crystal Mastering in Victoria, Australia. .Their self-titled album was the culmination of years of persistence and an unwavering thirst to release great independent music. This group's first album and their current album was excellently produced by Melbourne, Australia's David Carr who has been involved with some great Australian artists in the past.  In 2011, the band decided that to blend perfectly with their new album and unique style, it was time to upgrade the band’s image. After long deliberations - the band decided to abandon their long standing title ‘Into the Night’ and adopt the new name ‘Howling Dollhouse’.This young and fresh band has something for everyone with songs full of meaning. Lead singer Trick has a beautiful voice and it changes up for each song, so the songs are very diverse.
More than being a fantastic band, H.D. has a heart of gold.. Freedom United Radio is creating an album which is a compilation of bands writing and recording original tracks for sale with proceeds to be given to project specific organizations. FUR's current project includes bands from the USA, UK and Canada. .Howling Dollhouse released their song, "All the Pieces" to be included in this album Freedom United Radio is compiling to sell for charity. I think it's so awesome that this band is kind enough to be involved with this project and to put aside personal gain in order to help those in need.. The current foundation that will receive the profits from FUR and their #teamPLASC Rock Vol. 1 album is the Willow Foundation. You can visit them at to find out more about this wonderful organization that grants wishes for very ill people.. To learn more about the album and this current project, go to and save your pennies because the album should be released by the end of  the summer. "Howling Dollhouse" is just one of the talented bands contributing to this musical/charity project. To show your appreciation to this band, look up their music on iTunes and buy it! You will love every second of every song.that they have to offer. If this band can make me wiggle and jiggle and dance around the house, then think about what they could do for you!! I will keep you all posted so you can buy the album when it is released. Thanks for reading my blog! Peace and lots of love for my readers.....