11 January 2011

Crap my neighbor says

 I wasn't going to write this about my neighbor but after nine years of living next to her I feel like I need to just get it off my mind.When I first moved here 9 years ago I told her my name was J. (edited version) and she said, "Oh that's a weird name, do you have another name? I looked at her and bit  my tongue but voluntarily told her my first name which I do not like to use but it t is the name she calls me by. It's a simpler name for her to remember. Would you tell someone that? That was m first encounter with her. Irritating huh?

 I like to cook at times, and I will make lots of food and I have given them tons of meals and she always says the same thing,  "Oh I really don't eat things like that, but I will give it to Edgar."  And honey I make fantastic food. Roast, bar-b-que, chicken, I can cook it all. I love to share with others and every time I showed kindness and generosity like that I would have to ask her once I saw her again, "How did you like the food?" I would have called someone who gave me something like that and thanked them after enjoying their food. Once she was going to fix Edgar wieners with tomato sauce and then she stood there just looking at me knowing she smelled me cooking and she thought she'd go ahead and get another free meal. But the meals she wanted were for him so she did not have to fix him something when he got off work. I took a burden off her shoulders quite a few things just with this kind of gesture.
 Last Christmas, she called me after she had been gone about two hours out of town.  She calls me and this is how she words it:  "I left my door keys in the flower pot by your front door." "You don't have to do anything unless there is some emergency." This was on Christmas, when I have company when I am trying to have my own holiday celebration.  So I go over and check on her dog Buster and her cat, which she doesn't even have a real name for yet, Poor cat. Just Kitty is his name -  But I guess that's o.k. I just try to pass on things to her about cat care because she will ask me for some. But she doesn't take what I tell her to heart she will try what someone else said. I am serious. Just so I can say, "Yes I checked on your animals and even though they have to live with you, they are fine." That's what I really want to say but I don't.
 I can't tell you how many times she has called me and said this "I am not at home but could you stick your head outside and see if you smell smoke?"  I will say, "Why?" She has had varying excuses.  One is "I think I left the coffee pot on." or "I left my curling iron on." If she knows she left them on, then why didn't she turn them off?  No, she wants to call me, so I can sit there for a couple of hours and wonder if the apartments will burn down.  These are the times she doesn't leave a key. She just wants to know if I smell smoke.  And if I did?  I guess she thinks, I will crash in her windows and jump in the fire and save her animals. I can't figure out where her reasoning comes from.
 Not long ago, she told people that I was mean to her when she called and all she did according to poor little whiney was ask me one question.  Know what she asked me?  How does she turn off her boyfriends desktop computer?.  This is how it goes -"What button do I push to turn it off?" I said, "What button did you push to turn it on?" She says, "I don't remember." I told her this: "Then unplug the damn thing." I guess that was just too too blunt for her. Honestly, people come on!. If she woke you up to ask you this, what would you have said to her?
I have been called over on every holiday when they could not log on the internet. I could not count the amount of times I have shown them and done it for them. It's a lot worse but I just can't write about it here yet.
 Her and Edar, like to go to Louisiana to gamble on those overnight bus trips, I feed  their dog and cat and walk that dog and it's sometimes hard for me if I am having painful days. The last time her dog pooped on the carpet, I gag so easily but I picked it up and when she called to check on the animals, she said: "I bought you some carpet cleaner you could use."  Did yall see that folks? She bought me some carpet cleaner to use. OMG!!! Then when she got the cat, I was wondering if she could figure out how litter and boxes and all that work. Well, she put litter in a cardboard flat box for the cat, but wanted me to pick up his poop with a piece of toilet paper and throw it in the toilet.  I told her, "No I can't do that." Buy a scoop and use it. She seriously did not buy one and still does this I guess with picking it up and Oops I have to go throw up just thinking about her ignorance!
 Do you know what she pays me to do these things for her? Nothing.  Her other half told her once, she did not need to pay me, I was a neighbor and friend and I should be glad to help.
 Every time I have given her a birthday or Christmas gift, she has asked me for the receipt so she can get the money for it, so I purposely would throw it away. She still took it back. I put up with things for a long time for the sake of peace. I try so hard to be a good neighbor and hopefully a friend. I don't know why anyone would be so rude and crude after being treated so well by me.
 It's lease renewal time and I am going to try one more year. It will be more difficult now because this is an update to let you know I finally told her what I thought. I just could not hold it in anymore. I may tell you guys soon about the whole deal. I just suddenly feel like I can breathe deeper and I feel more at ease. Thank you all and the man upstairs for all the support.
 I have to learn not to lie down and be a rug for others to just walk over.