25 January 2011

One of the most embarrassing moments ever!

 Growing up I was such a tomboy. I played football with the boys in my neighborhood. Once I got in trouble in the 6th grade for hurting a boy. He was mean - so one day when he was drinking out of the water fountain I pushed his head down and he cut his lip on the metal. The next year I got in trouble for teaching everyone a new game I called, "Knock down - Drag out" You knocked them down and you had to drag them out of bounds. They told me, that I was a girl and I shouldn't play things like that.
 As I started to grow up and I sprouted boobs, the boys started tackling me a bit too much. They were trying to put the moves on me but all I wanted was to play football.
 I tried to dress more like a girl in high school but I never felt like I was sexy. I had great clothes to wear and I did attract people but I didn't have confidence in the way I looked.
 After I moved to Houston at the age of 19 I was a hippie and of course I wasn't into fashion or looks at all. It was great being a hippie. I had horrible taste in clothes so I loved being a slob and now I had a reason to dress that way.
 As time goes on I began dating someone and I really cared for him.. We dated a year and I started to notice there were a lot of sexy women working around him so I decided to clean up my act and show him I could be just as sexy and ladylike as the other girls were.
 We had  plans for a Friday night. so I went and bought a long silky kimono type gown that you wear around the house. I fixed  some snacks, lit a lot of candles, sprayed on my favorite cologne and I fixed my hair and I thought I looked pretty good. I was ready to show him the new me. (So I thought)
 When I opened the door he was surprised. He said, "Wow you look so wonderful" and I could tell he liked it. Everything was going really well. We ate the snacks and it was great. I hadn't spilled anything on the floor or on me. The snacks were even good. I left the room for a bit to get something to drink. When  I came back it happened! (Get your minds out of  the gutter. lol) As I walked by my big chair - the long gown got caught on the bottom of the chair!..... When I felt something tug at the back of the gown, I tripped and fell forward with a glass of tea in my right hand - I threw my arms straight out as I was falling and my glass and  I went down and just then I bumped into a small table with tall lit candles on top.  Then I fell on the ground and the candles caught the curtains on fire after I bumped the table that started a chain reaction. And the glass of tea I had spilled on the floor and all over an expensive book that was near the little table. 
  He grabbed the flaming curtains down and ran outside with them and threw water on them. As I picked myself up off the floor and as I watched him through the window, I couldn't believe what just happened. What would I say when he came back in? Well I didn't have to worry about that as I found out.
 After he came back  - he yawned and said it had been a long day and he needed to go home and go to sleep. No  kidding!!!  He's actually going to not like me because of my clumsiness? He called me a couple of months later but it  just never clicked again.
 Well it's his loss. I mean come on!  I can be great entertainment!! I obviously have never had a dull moment in my life. (Exaggeration - there were dull moments, just didn't want to admit it. lol).
  I look back at  it now and he did me a favor not coming back. It is extremely hilarious though isn't it?..  I have some really great stories I want to share with you. If I can make someone smile or laugh when they read about my crazy life, then it was worth it. Humor makes the world go round. Until next time....   Thanks for reading.
 Moral of the story is: Short hippie's should not try to be sexy again...