30 September 2010

Sleepwalking, Sleepeating, Chronic Pain and Cat Pills???

I am a sleepwalker that does crazy things when I am in a deep deep sleep. The reason I am mentioning it right away is that if you get to know me, and you receive a strange coded message someday, you better find out if I was awake or not when I left it. lol
 I think I first noticed  it when I was about 19 years old. I lived in a rough part of Houston alone. 
 I didn't cook so I ate a lot of cheese sandwiches and tried to stay in and be safe.. Strange things were starting to happen though in my apartment. Things sometimes looked like someone had been there and moved things around because I never have any recollections of the things I have done.

 So, one day I go to the frig and What? My cheese was gone!!!!  I was sure that creepy maintenance guy was coming in and eating my food. Grrrrr! What a rat he is!! It upset me but I wasn't quite sure what I would do about it.
 Then one morning I woke up with scratches on my legs and the chain on my front door had been opened and the door was unlocked! I was terrified!!
 Then another day I found tons of cheese wrappers hidden under my bed and in the closet, etc. I finally figured out it was me that ate the cheese!! How embarrassing!!  I bet the maintenance guy really hated me.  I told Mrs. M the apartment manager that I thought the maintenance man stole some of my food. I was scared then. So instead of facing him, I decided I would just move.
 I didn't tell anyone about it for years. I just became more careful. I thought they would commit me.  I didn't know anyone else did this.
 Through the years I have entertained others while I am walking, talking, cooking, rambling or whatever - all while I am asleep. I have been humiliated but I've also made others laugh. So what the heck?
I have eaten dry cat treats - I guess when I was asleep I thought they were corn nuts. I woke up once choking on a Tootsie Pop. Luckily the stick was not down the throat.  Just the huge ball of candy. Ha. I have found bowls hidden under my bed.  Hamburger helper with jelly on it?  Oh jeez it makes me want to barf.  I have always had nausea problems and now I know why.. I broke off some teeth by eating uncooked pasta shells.
Well they have tried everything. But if they give me strong tranquilizers, that I refuse to take now at all, because I will still sleepwalk but  be really stoned too. Nothing worse than a stoned deranged sleepwalker. 
 If I take Ambien or other medication in that class of drugs - it's worse.  Half my brain is asleep and the other half is in a world of fantasy and craziness.
So at night I keep all my pills and stuff in a large plastic container so the cats can't get in there. My allergies have really been acting up.  So I would pop open the container and grab some pink Benadryl allergy pills.  One day in the daylight, I noticed that the newer allergy pills were all pink.  Not pink and white.  Upon further inspection I discovered that I put a sleeve of cat pills in the storage bucket with my personal things.  I  got them from the vet. They were supposed to help my kitties. OMG I was eating cat pills. Know what's really weird?  I felt great.  No kidding. I felt like running around the house and scratching something!  (Not really - well the scratching part anyway. lol.)  So today I looked up the name of the cat pill on Google. It's supposed to help animals with joint problems (this is not what I was told about the pills) and I have that problem too. So did the cat pills make me feel good? The shot I got from the pain doctor wore off and then I quit taking the cat pill and I am in more pain.
But I have eaten lots of strange things including cat treats in my sleep  and I survived.  Maybe I have discovered something here. I wonder what would happen if I took the cat pills for joint problems all the time?  Would I play at night more?  Would I scratch the furniture? Would I meow all night? Probably not, but it's a thought.